A manager's job isn't behind the screen, but in front of his or her colleagues and customers in supporting better decision-making. 



The learning goals here are to understand how data visualization techniques can help bring complex data to life, how to design effective presentations, and how to create intuitive, meaningful, visualizations using enterprise standard applications.

We live in a time and space in which the which data is constantly mistaken for facts. Taking better decisions, rather than crunching the data, is the ultimate benchmark for improving management. 

What does improving decision-making entail? In decision science, we learn that the major challenges to effective management are the perceptions of the complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty of the environment in which we take decisions.

Data Science is about transforming data into impactful action to address fundamental organizational challenges.

In business, the culprit isn’t just our own decisions, but often those taken around us.

Decision Science is a cornerstone of the Institute's research agenda, as well as its Masterclass, Summer School and Executive Education modules.