Data Visualization

"The end game of analytics in business isn’t to make yourself shine, but to help others transform data into impactful action"

The learning goals here are to understand how data visualization techniques can help bring complex data to life, how to design effective presentations, and how to create intuitive, meaningful, visualizations using enterprise standard applications. 

The principles of visual storytelling  to transform your personal data into a call for action — both as a individual and as a community. 

Edgar Dale’s work around the Cone of Experience demonstrated that an audience retains much more of what they see than what they read [3] They will be less sensitive to the figures you present than how you help them visualize sharable experience.

The Gestalt principles of similarity, proximity, continuity, and closure are as valid here as they are in any business presentation, why not apply them to make sense of the story you are trying to tell?

Data visualization is a cornerstone of the Institute's research agenda, as well as its Masterclass, Summer School and Executive Education modules.